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Home Modification Assessments in Winnipeg 

Home modifications are not just home renovations, they are any residential adaptations that are meant to increase safety, accessibility and participation in daily activities.


Home Modifications address changing needs as we age and findings from our Home Modifications Assessments help people to make informed decisions about living in the right place as they age. 

Enabling Access Occupational Therapists are experienced and skilled in providing assessment, education and consultation on simple to complex home modification projects. Our Occupational Therapy Home Modification experts have been trained and mentored by Marnie Courage, Enabling Access' CEO who has more than 20 years clinical experience, is a national educator in this practice area and continues to help shape practice guidelines and policy impacting people with disabilities and older adults across Canada.  

We collaborate with qualified accessibility renovators, builders and designers to help our clients increase participation in daily activities, improve safety, and accessibility at home. 

Home Automation,
Smart Homes and Technology Capabilities

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OT Home Modifications Assessments 


  • Identify a person's physical and cognitive capabilities 

  • Identify technology use capabilities

  • Identify risk of falling

  • Identify psychosocial risk factors such as isolation

  • Identify current and future accessibility barriers

  • Identify home safety hazards

  • Provide education on safe methods for bathing, toileting, and other activities of daily living

  • Recommend caregiving, meal preparation, food delivery, yard care services, and more!

  • Recommend mobility aids, assistive devices and accessibility equipment 

  • Recommend home modifications to improve safety, participation, and accessibility

  • Assist clients in deciding if they should Modify or Move

  • Connect clients with professional accessible home renovation contractors.


New Manitoba Home Modification Grant Program 



Home Modifications

in Canada

According to Statistics Canada, older adults are outnumbering children for the first time in history! By 2036, it is projected that 23-25% of the Canadian population will be accounted for by people over 65 years old.


Related to our aging population, in Canada,  1 out of 5 adults (21%) live with a permanent physical and/or mental disability which affects a major life function.


Considering the above demographics, coupled with the current accessible housing stock shortage, the demand for homes with safety and accessibility features is increasing rapidly and is already influencing housing market pricing,  especially single level homes (without stairs).

With the above demand, early intervention home modifications can actually increase the value of your home! Find out more about the state of accessible housing in Canada and more about home modifications here.

Top 5 High Impact Home Modifications

Top 5 Home Modifications Infographic

Fall Prevention Home Modifications

Home Modifications Fall Prevention Infographic
Marnie Courage interacting with a client during a Home Assessment

Book Marnie Courage to present at your next event!

Book an OT Home Modification Assessment 

Find out how we can help you, or someone you know live safer and more comfortably at home, with improved access to the environment, home healthcare, and community services.


Don't wait until there is an incident, plan for the future and enjoy  the benefits of a livable home now!

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