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Our Company

With almost 20 years in business, Enabling Access is a reputable, accessible and inclusive occupational therapy clinic in Winnipeg.


We are a partner of the City of Winnipeg's Indigenous Accord, with indigenous representation on our team. Indigenous Cultural Safety Training for Healthcare Providers is included in our staff onboarding.


We are members of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce's Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity and Equality (CODE) Coalition. We are an ally to the 2SLGBTQ1A+ community and work to ensure safe and supportive services and clinic environment for all.


Our Occupational Therapists provide services in communities throughout Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

We are a Canadian leader in home modifications assessment and consultation for people with disabilities and older adults, adapting homes to support people who want to live in place as they age.

Our Service Areas:

  • Office Ergonomics & Workplace Accommodations

  • Home-based Functional Assessments

  • Home Modifications Assessment and Consultation

  • Life Care Planning/Future Cost of Care

  • Mental health Assessment and Therapy

  • Cognitive Assessments and Rehabilitation

  • Mobility and Adaptive Equipment Prescription

We celebrate our team, our accomplishments and are proud of our "You OTta be Appreciated" employee recognition program, which is just one way we show our gratitude and appreciation for our team members.

The original rainbow Pride flag was inspired by the “Flag of the Races” which had five stripes, each representing the colours of human kind. The six colours of the rainbow flag stand as a symbol of pride, diversity and unity of the 2SLGBTQ+ community: red for Life, orange for Healing, yellow for Sun, green for Nurture, blue for Harmony and purple for Spirit. The white, pink and blue stripes represent the transgender community, while the brown and black stripes represent 2SLGBTQ+ people of colour. Most recently, the yellow stripe with a purple circle was added to represent intersex individuals.

A culture of caring, for each other and those we serve.

Photo of the front of the Enabling Access clinic.

Our Values


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