Our Company

We are YOUR ability and inclusion specialists!   

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Enabling Access Inc. is the leading private practice occupational therapy and accessibility consulting clinic in Manitoba, blazing a trail in business for over 17 years!  We look for opportunities to create innovative, timely, and responsive service offerings and solutions to address the needs of our community and our clients.


We collaborate with professional partners aligned in our goals to optimize ability and inclusion with, and for persons with disabilities and older adults across Canada.

While providing services in the areas of adult occupational therapy, accessible housing and public accessibility services, we aim to make tangible improvements in people's lives, based on our fundamental belief in every person’s right to safely experience their daily activities, homes, workplaces and community to the fullest extent possible. 


We employ persons with disabilities and integrate thier cross-disability perspectives into our services. Our Accessibility Advisory Committee also help to inform our professional services and our internal practices. 

Enabling Access team having an informal lunch meeting
Photo of the front of the Enabling Access clinic.

Our Values

             1.  Wellness

            2.  Inclusion

            3.  Connection


            4.  Collaboration


            5.  Contribution



Our staff are fully vaccinated with boosters for COVID-19. We are taking all risks associated with COVID-19 seriously and are enforcing all necessary precautions to protect our customers, clients and staff, including the use of personal protective equipment, and conducting services by secure videoconferencing where appropriate.  


We have taken an extra step to protect staff and clients who visit our clinic with sanitization processes that include the Evoclean Infection Prevention System to thoroughly clean all equipment, furniture, and tools in our clinic between visitor and staff use. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns or need to reduce your risks further when receiving services provided by Enabling Access. Inc.