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Occupational Therapy and Smart Home Technology 

With the  smart home technology innovations becoming commercially available and more people wanting to benefit from the many conveniences that home automation brings,  older adults and people with disabilities are increasing independence, safety and security.  

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OT Tech-Assess:
Technology Capabilities Assessment

Our occupational therapists can identify a person's level of assistive technology readiness and capability to help determine appropriate personal mobile devices, smart home technology and home automation systems. Family can rest assured their loved one can stay connected remotely, improve access to home health care,  have early detection of falls and stay safe at home. 

"The biggest benefit technology can have on aging and longevity is creating opportunities for people to connect."

World Economic Forum

Assistive and Smart Home  Technology Consultation

Following our  Tech-Assess Screening results, we consult with local home automation and smart home technology specialists to determine which technology solutions best match the client's capabilities and technology readiness. We can help coordinate the application of single component to complex integrated home automation system solutions!

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