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Physical Abilities, Mobility & Equipment

Woman with wheelchair in her accessible kitchen making tea with a cat on her lap

Optimize Ability!

We help our clients increase participation in their activities of daily living, manage symptoms and optimize ability! Our assessments and consultation help 

identify barriers and provide solutions for the job of living.

Wheelchair & Seating Assessment &Prescription

Our occupational Therapists are skilled and experienced in prescribing mobility devices that increase function, independence and well-being. Our accessible clinic in Winnipeg has a private seating assessment space with overhead lift system for those who require mechanical tranfers out of their mobility devices. Our seating assessment and skin health specialists help clients identify seating and mobility goals and work with local equipment vendors to trial seating components, manual and power wheelchairs, and scooters. We assist individuals to navigate suitable mobility products on the market prior to purchase and we can also prescribe and assist in the application for funded mobility devices through Manitoba Possible's Wheelchair Program for those who are eligible.

Home-based Functional Assessments

When an individual's physical and functional status needs to be identified to make decisions about eligibility for supportive housing, insurance coverage, or other decision making, a home-based functional assessment is your answer. This assessment covers all areas of daily living including personal care, home management, community management and leisure activities and outlines recommendations to improve function, safety and independence. Solutions may include adaptive equipment, mobility equipment,  support services, accessibility equipment or further cognitive or mental health assessment.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) or Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) is a clinic-based assessment conducted by our FCE certified Occupational Therapists at our clinic in Winnipeg. We offer both Physical (FCE/FAE) and Cognitive (CogFCE/CFAE) depending on purpose of the evaluation.


An FCE is a method of measuring an individual's ability to perform specified tasks on a safe and defensible basis. The resulting report provides objective information about an individual's current abilities to perform work tasks and activities.  Standardized measures for consistency of effort and reports of disability and pain symptoms are incorporated into the assessment protocol. The purpose of an FCE is to collect information about the functional limitations of a person with a medical impairment. In addition, the FCE can be used to determine if the individual will be safe in performing various job tasks and if job accommodations will be required.  


As Occupational Therapists, we consider psychosocial factors that may be presenting barriers to function and return to work potential. We can also recommend rehabilitation strategies to improve functional tolerances and performance, such as direct therapy to improve mental health, physical re-conditioning, and vestibular tolerance as required, ensuring a successful return to work experience. If work capacity is in question by employer, insurer or lawyer, the clinic-based Functional Capacity Evaluation is your answer!

Assistive Devices and Technology

With the aging population growing and increasing advocacy efforts for improved accessibility in Canada, assistive device innovation is exploding. We keep up to date with solutions that increase functional independence and safety to help meet client goals.  Home-based assistive technology and Smart Home Technology is covered on our Home Modifications page.  Computer access and workplace accommodations are covered on our Ergonomic and Accommodations page. If you are looking for a solution that will make an activity of daily living easier, take less time or access independently, connect with us!

Disability Tax Credits and Funding Assistance

We help families and caregivers by completing Disability Tax Credit forms, find disability equipment funding sources and connect them to resources to improve access to services or equipment they require.

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