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Headshot of Marnie Courage CEO & Inclusion Specialist

Marnie Courage
CEO & Inclusion Specialist

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Occupational Therapist driven to make tangible improvements in people's lives through innovative programming, collaborations and education that result in more equitable opportunities and inclusive experiences for all.



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Headshot of Vanessa Meads, Operations Manager

Vanessa Meads 
Operations Manager 

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Human resources and operational efficiency wizard, improving systems and clinic processes with a shake of her wand. Contributor to innovative and collaborative team efforts, bringing her social justice and equality lens.


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Headshot of Christina Edwards, Customer Support

Christina Edwards

Customer Support 

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Customer experience curator, facilitating human-to-human connections and creating efficiencies from intake to service delivery and follow up. Adding spirit to our team while increasing our customer experience.


204-475-0433 ext. 2


Reetu Chahal
Clinic Assistant

Motivated to spread contagious 

positivity through gratitude, team building, meaningful work, event planning and daily connections with clients and staff.  


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Bree Dawson Headshot - Preferred Photo_e

Bree Dawson, Senior OT
Clinical Lead - Adult Rehab

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Experienced and skilled in optimizing client ability and inclusion, responding to the needs of disability agencies and insurers with training and direct OT services. Provider of OT clinical support in adult rehabilitation, improving practices that benefit our staff and the clients we serve. 


204-475-0433 ext. 6

Headshot of Jackie Belbeck, Associate OT Western Manitoba

Jackie Belbeck, Senior OT 
Western Manitoba

Empowering clients with significant disabilities and injuries to make steps towards improved health and well-being using a whole person strength-based approach and providing equipment and home modifications to enable independence. 


204-475-0433 ext. 8

Headshot of Angela McMillan Senior OT

Angela McMillan, Senior OT

Medical-legal expert and life care planner objectively identifying personal injury and disability-related equipment, services, and environmental needs. Residential and public accessibility solution researcher and special project innovator.


204-475-0433 ext. 11

Headshot of Esther Hawn, Senior Occupational Therapist

Esther Hawn, Senior OT 

Seating and Mobility specialist experienced in improving client functional performance and skin health. Guru of wheelchair and seating system solutions providing training and clinical support to staff and elevating services for clients.


204-475-0433 ext. 14

Headshot of Amanda Ameis, Staff Occupational Therapist.

Amanda Ameis, Staff OT

Mental Health Specialist skilled in trauma-informed therapy, pain management, cognitive assessment, and work conditioning. She assists people to increase participation in meaningful activities and timely return to work.

Headshot of Laura Tomilin, Staff OT

Laura Tomilin, Staff OT​

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A functional assessment and problem solving gem, with a compassionate and caring therapeutic approach. Optimizing client function with disability equipment prescription, home modifications, and workplace ergonomics solutions, Laura's contributions are improving the health and wellness of her clients.


204-475-0433 ext. 12

Headshot of Suzanne Carpanini-Sinclair, Staff Occupational Therapist

Suzanne Carpanini-SInclair,
Staff OT 

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Experienced Mental Health Therapist and cognitive abilities evaluator, Suzanne uses a whole person approach to assist her clients with return to work readiness and wellness. Focusing on pain management techniques, addressing cognitive and mental health symptoms with trauma informed care, Suzanne is having a positive impact on her clients.


204-475-0433 ext. 4

Sara Headshot_edited_edited_edited.png

Sara Clement, Staff OT

With her passion for helping others gain independence and increasing participation in meaningful activities, Sara is a proud Franco-Manitoban delivering OT services in English or French. Serving Disability Agencies across Manitoba and providing functional, mobility and home modification assessments, Sara assists our clients to achieve optimal performance with a friendly and supportive approach.



204-475-0433 ext. 5


Lindsay Edwards, Associate OT

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With over 15 years experience this Functional Capacity Expert Evaluator, is  skilled at identifying client physical, cognitive, and psychosocial abilities and limitations. Her work capacity opinions are requested by our medical-legal, employer and Insurance customers. Conducting Job Demands Analysis, Ergonomic Analysis and providing Injury Prevention Training, Lindsay responds to evolving workplace health and safety needs.


204-475-0433 ext. 15

Headshot of Erin Floyd, Staff Occupational Therapist.

Erin Floyd, Associate OT

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Friendly and function-based therapist helping her clients to increase functional participation at home, work and in community. Her focus on home-based functional assessments and workplace ergonomics benefit many!


204-475-0433 ext. 9