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Cost of Future Care

A Cost of Future Care Report, also called a Life Care Plan or Future Care Cost Analysis, is used to outline the medical and rehabilitation needs and associated costs for an individual who has experienced catastrophic injury or has chronic healthcare needs.


Life Care Planning (Cost of Future Care Analysis)

This comprehensive assessment examines the future costs of care for an individual following injury or disability.  It includes all areas of living including self-care, productivity, and leisure at home and in the community throughout a lifespan. Recommendations for equipment, personal care assistance, residency, community support and future opportunities are included. Our occupational therapists are Matheson certified Life Care Planners  with a proven record, providing excellent documentation and fair analysis in many Medical-Legal cases for both defendant and plaintiff counsel in the US and Canada. We have assisted in more than 20 cases with a proven reputation of clear and concise communication, file consultation and deliverables.


Our Expert Life Care Planners conduct Cost of Future Care Analysis for personal injury cases across North America and testify as experts in the areas of injury and illness rehabilitation,  accessibility of the built environment, and workplace accommodation. Marnie Courage and Angela McMillan are recognized Expert Life Care Planners who have proven medical-legal experience submitting defendable reports in Canada. We provide expert testimonials, review peer reports, review surveillance video and provide an opinion within our wide scope of expertise, including disability personal care and equipment planning, accessible housing and home modifications, vocational potential and loss of income projections.


Here's what our customers say: 

" I have worked with a lot of life care planners and found you extremely knowledgeable. I particularly enjoyed and valued your hands-on approach and the continuous interaction between the two of us regarding the development of a plan and ensuring the client’s needs are being taken care of. Most importantly and relevant to our case, the constant communication ensured both of us were getting the most accurate information from the family.”          

 -Nick K. Personal Injury Attorney Southern California

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