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Public Accessibility Training

Online and in-person Accessibility Training for workplaces, organizations, developers, designers and other professionals interested in increasing inclusion. If your organization or firm is looking to become more knowledgeable in public accessibility and inclusion, we can help.  Our customized training can help your team to make measurable impacts on the clients you serve, and all users of the spaces,
services and products your offer. 

4 Jenga blocks that read equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging
Equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging tiles

The Race to Inclusion:
A guide to Accessible Employment and inclusion in your workplace.

2-hour in-person or online training course.


Accessible Customer Service: Navigating AMA requirements and customized inclusion practices
2-hour in-person or online training course.
Management and employee versions
of this course are 

App Developer

Inclusive Design: Moving Beyond Building Codes to Integrate Canadian Standards and Cross-disability Experience
2-hour in-person or online training course.

What are customers are saying

The Accessibility for Manitoban's Act and all that it involves is new and unfamiliar to most of us who attended your presentation. We knew about the highly visible areas, such as wheelchair ramps and automatic door openers, but for most of us, that’s as far as it went. When you spoke of room layout design, technology, and communication barriers this was something that most of us just took for granted.  You walked us through a lot of valuable information and you provided us with the tools we will need to meet the needs of our communities.

 -Doug Armstrong,  Brandon School Division

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