Workplace and Public Accessibility

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We can help you along your accessibility 

 Looking to create a more diverse, equitable

and inclusive workplace?

Move beyond checklists and guidelines to find out how you can make a bigger impact and move forward on your journey!


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Reach your goals, faster!

Accessibility legislation compliance deadlines have pasted in some provinces and others are nearing soon. Our accessibility auditing, consultation and training services can ensure you meet your employer obligations and go beyond. We help you prioritize high-impact solutions and align these with your accessibility capital planning to help you reach your goals faster!

What's your Return on Investment?

Businesses who invest in creating more accessible and inclusive workplaces and can benefit in the following ways:

Your Team:

  • Attract a diverse and valuable workforce including people with disabilities.

  • Create an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates differences and grows together.

  • Retain valuable employees through early-intervention disability accommodation and return to work processes.


Your Reach:

  • Increase your market reach by removing barriers for the 22% of Canada's population who identify as having a disability.

  • Respond to the valuable feedback from those experiencing barriers to create an inclusive community of prospects and new customers.

  • Become a leader of accessibility in your industry and make your brand  stand out amongst the others

The Enabling Access Method

Working with our partners across Canada, we are assisting national organizations and workplaces to increase accessibility, making their environments, goods and services more accessible to all Canadians.  We assist in navigating the legislation, demonstrating the impact of barriers on employees and customers, reviewing and creating accessible processes, policies, and digital content. We consider a variety of user experiences, beyond physical disabilities to include such considerations as neurodiversity.

We value lived expertise and experience facing barriers so we inject these perspectives in our processes to inform our professional auditing, consultation and corporate training solutions. We don't just ask for volunteer input,  we employ a group of diverse people with cross-disability representation to identify barriers and recommend practical solutions. 

Accessibility Legislation

The Accessibility for Canadians Act is now law, and 4 provinces have enacted provincial accessibility legislation:

Accessibility for Manitobans Act

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Nova Scotia's Accessibility Act

Accessible British Columbia Act


Under these laws, organizations can work to meet the requirements and rise above to create inclusive workplaces for all!

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We are proud of our contributions and value the opportunity contribute to Canadian accessibility standard development. 

Marnie Courage, CEO of Enabling Access, sits on the technical committee for Accessible Standards Canada's Accessible Outdoor Spaces Standard.


Marnie is also on the technical committee and leads a working group for the CSA Accessible Housing Standard.

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Web Accessibility

Web accessibility auditing to meet WCAG 2.0 conformance requirements and beyond!

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Accessibility Policies, Procedures & Plans

Create or update accessibility policies, procedures, and plans, and provide training to employees, volunteers, and Board members, to help ensure a fully inclusive workplace. 

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 Built Environment Accessibility


professional audit and consultation including cross-disability screening and capital planning and priority reporting

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Accessible Customer Service

Accessible customer service screening including web, in-person and phone. Cross-disability perspective to inform our professional auditing and training. 

Some customers who we have helped along their accessibility journey! 

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"The Accessibility for Manitoban's Act and all that it involves is new and unfamiliar to most of us who attended your presentation. We knew about the highly visible areas, such as wheelchair ramps and automatic door openers, but for most of us, that’s as far as it went. When you spoke of room layout design, technology, and communication barriers this was something that most of us just took for granted.  You walked us through a lot of valuable information and you provided us with the tools we will need to meet the needs of our communities."

 -Doug Armstrong,  Brandon School Division

Our Partners

We manage small to large accessibility projects and coordinate services using a 

multidisciplinary approach, engaging our collaborative partners to provide expert auditing,  consultation and training in accessibility and inclusion across Canada.

Headshot of Mary Neilans, Accessibility Policies, Procedures and Plans

Mary Neilans
Accessibility Policies, Procedures and Plans

Mary has over twenty years' experience as a user-friendly business analyst and documentation and training specialist. Mary works with employers to identify and remove barriers, and to create a culture of inclusion by creating accessibility policies and plans and helping employers put them into action. 

Headshot of Dan Lajoie, Digital Accessibilty 

Dan Lajoie
Digital Accessibilty 

Dan is a website accessibility and document remediation specialist. For over 25 years, he has worked with corporations and organizations from all sectors helping to develop their digital marketing platforms. 

As an individual with lived experience of disability, Dan understands the importance to ensuring that environments, both physical and digital, are accessible for all individuals. 

Headshot of BJ Fehr, Architect

BJ Fehr


f-BLOK Architecture collaborate with Enabling Access in our Built Environment Accessibility Audits and consultative services.

f-BLOK believes in thoughtful consideration of how the built environment affects the overall health & wellness and social participation of those that occupy the space. They are inspired to find simple solutions to complex problems, through collaboration and innovation.