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Community-based Occupational Therapy in Manitoba

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Access to Occupational therapy in Rural Communities

We are committed to responding to the healthcare needs of people living outside city centres and bringing OT services to you, anywhere in Manitoba.

We recognize that travelling into the city for healthcare appointments is costly and time consuming for many clients. We are working to better serve Manitobans living outside of Winnipeg. Our Community-based Occupational Therapy Services bring essential services into communities when people need them most. No wait lists or travel required as we come to you, and serve your community, to optimize ability and inclusion.  

  • Wheelchair and seating assessment and prescription

  • Mental health assessment and treatment

  • Cognitive assessment and therapy

  • Post-COVID (Long-haulers) therapy

  • Home modification assessments and consultations

  • Home-based functional assessments

  • Public accessibility auditing and consultation

Enabling Access Inc. is a partner of the Winnipeg Reconciliation Accord, with established goals and action steps in place to work towards our company and individual journey of reconciliation including the provision of Indigenous Cultural Health and Safety and Health Training to our staff and continue to learn from those we serve to improve our policies, procedures and knowledge related to the health care of Indigenous communities. Please see our Reconciliation Commitment page for more details.

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