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Your Occupational Therapists
in Winnipeg and across Manitoba!

We are Enabling Access to optimal well-being, safety, and functional potential!

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are regulated healthcare professionals. We can help prevent and solve your problems in everyday life. We address anything that interferes with your ability to:

  • Take care of yourself - get dressed, eat, bathe, get around,  manage sleep and any symptoms you are experiencing..

  • Be productive - function at work or school, take care of kids, participate in community outings, clean your house and manage your to do's.

  • Enjoy your leisure time - engage in sports, social activities, maintain important relationships, and participate in meaningful activities.

  • Access your home, work and community to its fullest!


Featured Services

Female Patient

Looking for help to manage symptoms and create achievable goals? 

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Looking to increase safety and accessibility at home?

Learn more here!

Work Colleagues

Want to decrease discomfort and increase productivity? We can help you thrive! 

Find us:

1431 Corydon Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

R3N 0J2

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Four female team members informally meeting inside the Enabling Access Clinic
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