Accessible Housing Consultation 

Design and   build for   everyone   

Accessibility consultation and training with considerations for  disability, neurodiversity, and aging.  

We have an accessible housing crisis in Canada and you can be a part of the solution! The rapidly growing aging population and increase in disability prevalence requires more affordable, accessible and sustainable housing options for Canadians. For developers, builders and renovators, our accessibility consultation and training can increase your market reach to include older adults and the 22% of Canadians who identify as having a disability.


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We are here at every  stage of your project to plan essential accessibility features to accommodate current and future needs, review drawings, conduct mid-construction site visits, and post occupancy evaluations.  Our occupational therapists in Winnipeg are international accessibility professionals.


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 Using Inclusive Language:

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Adaptable Design:

A feature-focused

approach for the  changing needs throughout the lifespan